Suavinex creates little luxuries for babies and mums. With a vision to make the world a happier and more beautiful place, Suavinex aims to come up with creative, effective, high-quality solutions to help and inspire families during parenting and pregnancy.



Our baby care products are designed factoring in innumerable elements, most notably usability and safety, but also the look and feel.
We create collections, lines and limited editions – allowing you to combine your baby care products as you would combine fashion accessories. Our matching sets contain a bottle, soother and clip – with several different designs available to suit you and your baby’s taste. The bottles come in different shapes, sizes and flows – with all of the teats designed to mimic the mother’s breast perfectly. Soothers are optimal for the correct development of the baby’s mouth and ours do not contain bisphenol. Plus, they are always in fashion, designed to look good together.